Is there anyone out there that does not remember this from your childhood:  Being admonished by our parents for pouring too much syrup on those great tasting pancakes stacked on the plate in front of us.

Yes, pancakes…great tasting breakfast food that even as adults, brings a smile to our faces.   There is lots of satisfaction in going to an IHOP and ordering those great tasting pancake stacks with the syrup of your choice conveniently sitting at the table.  Well, here are some calorie counts of IHOP pancakes (without syrup): 

  • Red velvet pancakes: 680 calories 
  • Cinn-a stack pancakes: 860 calories
  • Belgium Dark Chocolate Mousse pancakes: 1070 calories
  • NY Cheesecake pancakes: 920 calories
  • Original buttermilk pancakes: 600 calories

Well, as you can see, pancakes are not exactly the best choice during your weigh control efforts.

BUT, there are some creative pancake creations that are not nearly as damaging to your weight control:

  • Whole wheat pumpkin pancakes
  • Protein quinoa pancakes
  • Flourless banana pancakes
  • Sweet potato pancakes
  • Lentil-zucchini pancakes

No, the above pancakes are not as fun as those great IHOP pancakes but not developing diabetes or having any of the myriad of weight related co-morbidities is not fun either.

The bottom line:  eggs are a great breakfast but when venturing into pancake land, avoid IHOP and create your own “healthier” varieties.