1. Losing weight is a matter of “calories in/calories out”.

       Fiction:  Although we know that there are 3500 kcal to a pound, the big “X” factor in losing weight is metabolic rates.  Eating frequently, especially lots of protein, increases the metabolic rate and hence speeds up weight loss. 

  1. The “Keto Diet” is not a new dietary concept.

       Fact:  Any dietary intake high in protein and very low in carbohydrates, fruits and sugars will place a person into “ketosis”.  Cells in the body need glucose as a fuel source and if carbs/sugars/starches are not being consumed, the body will break down fat cells to generate glucose.  During this biochemical process, “ketone bodies” are generated, hence the name “ketosis”.  Atkins, South Beach, Serotonin-Plus are all “ketogenic” dietary approaches.

  1. Dietary intake is more important than exercise for losing weight.

      Fact: Although exercise is an excellent component to helping people lose weight, calories are burned off much slower during exercise than what can be consumed orally.  As an example, 60 minutes on an elliptical machine may burn off 600 calories whereas consumption of a Big Mac (that may take only 5 minutes to eat) will bring in almost 600 calories.  

  1. Very few people need help in losing weight.

     Fiction:  With 70% of our population being overweight, it is clearly the case that most people cannot lose weight and keep that weight off without help.  A medical program such as Serotonin-Plus can provide a medical “jump-start” to reduce appetite, carbohydrate cravings and increase metabolism.  Support is critically important for the success of a weight control effort.

  1. Prescription “Diet Pills” are very dangerous.

    Fiction:  Prescription medications to support weight loss, such as phentermine, can be used very safely.   People need to be screened for medical problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease and other significant issues prior to being prescribed these medications.  However, when prescribed to people that have no medical contraindications, these medications can be very helpful and safe in providing more rapid weight loss.  Obesity and the associated co-morbidities are much more dangerous to affected people than “diet pills” used to help the person to lose weight.

Conclusion:  The internet provides lots of “source material” for people trying to accomplish something:  From hanging a ceiling fan to growing an award winning plant to changing the oil in your car….Youtube and other sources are readily available to instruct you.  However, when it comes to healthcare and especially weight control, you must be careful about what you are being “told” to do.  That’s where we come in…to help you sort through fact vs. fiction.