The U.S. population’s obesity rate in the 1970s:  15%

The U.S. population’s obesity rate in 2019: 37%

How many American people in the 1970’s had “smart phones”:  0%

How many American people in 2019 have a smart phone: 81%

Okay, so is my point here that owning a smart phone is a major reason why Americans have more their doubled obesity rates since the 1970s?  

No, I believe there are many reasons why the obesity epidemic continues to surge in our country but I certainly also believe that “smart” phones contribute is some ways to the problem.  How many minutes/hours are people on their smart phones checking for e-mail, looking at stock performance, texting cat videos to their friends?  Perhaps this time could be better spent exercising, meal planning, constructing a shopping list or other activities that would help weight control efforts.

How about the potential use of the smart phone to help weight control efforts, such as: 

  • setting alarms reminding you when to take a meal/snack break, take your SP supplements etc.
  • using the apps (such as SeroFit) that allow you to log your food and exercise
  • correspond via social media to get support from like-minded people that are similarly attempting to control weight
  • check innovative recipes on the web to make your protein dishes less “boring”

I sometimes make the snide comment that smart phones will be the downfall of our society.  This comment usually comes when I am at a restaurant and see a family of four, all of whom are on their respective smart phones and not one word being exchanged between anyone.

We should all take a look at that compact miracle technology piece we carry with us and ask the question:  Am I using this to improve my health or am I allowing it to damage my health?  If you are struggling with weight control, this is an important question to ask.