Although not everyone will admit to this, most people will cry at times.  I am certain that during this pandemic, there has been more crying than usual.  Perhaps the increased amount of crying is because of fear/anxiety or because emotions are running high or a response to a simple heroic story on the news or a cheesy Lifetime movie that will cause the spilling of tears.

The production of tears falls under three categories:  1- a baseline level of tears produced that keep the eyes moist 2- a reflex to exposure, wind or onions to clear the eyes from debris 3- an emotional response to ether sadness, fear or happiness.  These tears contain more stress hormones than the other types of tears.

Here is why crying is a healthy event (in some cases):

  • Crying enhances the parasympathetic nervous system that has a calming/self-soothing effect
  • Crying is an attachment behavior, eliciting support and comfort from others
  • Crying helps the body release more endorphins and oxytocin that helps people feel better and less pain
  • Crying may potentially aid sleep
  • Crying fights bacterial infections of the eyes
  • Crying may improve vision

When crying is not healthy:  If frequent crying is accompanied by a bunch of other symptoms such as constant sadness, withdrawal from friends/loved ones, not finding happiness in people/events that used to produce happiness, feeling pessimistic all of the time, laying in bed as opposed to getting up and similar symptoms, then a major depression may be present.  This should be evaluated quickly.

Okay, and now a Posner admission:  EVERY time I have seen the movie Field Of Dreams, at the end, when the lead played by Kevin Costner asks his father:  “Dad, do you want to have a catch?”,  and the movie ends with them throwing the baseball as cars line up to see the Field, the tears roll down my face.

And now, for YOU: Please send me your comment as to what movie(s) are automatic tear-jerkers for you.  (PLEASE, do NOT send “The Notebook”…that probably ranks (not for me) as one of the most significant tearjerkers)