Here is a question I often receive from a person during the initial consultation:  “Does your program allow for any drinking of alcohol?”  My answer to this questions is pretty much always the same:  The less alcohol the better.  Alcohol contains calories/carbs and slows down the metabolism.

A frequent follow-up question:  “If I am going to drink, what is the best type of drink to have that will have the least impact on my weight loss?”

Here is the list of “least damaging” alcohol-containing drinks:

  • Champagne:  This has less sugar/calories than wine.  Also, champagne tends to be delivered in a relatively small glass, limiting the amount consumed.  
  • Red wine: High in antioxidants, red wine is a better “weight control” choice than white wine.
  • Vodka:  this has less sugar than gin, whiskey etc.
  • Light beer:  The less carbs/less calories the better.

It is also important to be careful of what you are mixing with the alcohol.  A vodka and orange juice is gonna be more damaging than a vodka and diet tonic water.

One more thing: Getting a bit tipsy loosens decision-making when it comes to food/snack choices.  If you decide to have a drink or two, try hard not to let this turn into a carb containing food fest as well.

In summary:  If you want to lose the most weight as quickly as possible, keep away from alcohol.  However, not all alcohols are created equally as to the impact on weight control.